10 tips for a healthy weekend

It’s easy to get off track on the weekend-we’re busy, we’re out of our routine…there are parties, and BBQs, and running around which sometimes makes it difficult to stay focused on our goals.

Check out these 10 tips to help you get through the weekend without too much damage 😉


  • Get some activity in BEFORE you leave the house for the day. Take a walk, do an at-home workout, dance around the house. If you wait until “later”, it may not get done, especially on a busy weekend day.


  • If you’re going to a party, eat something healthy before you go- (Shakeology is always my go-to because it keeps me so full, which means I’m less likely to gorge myself at the party)


  • Stick to your sleep schedule-Sleep, or lack thereof, absolutely affects your mood and appetite.


  • It’s ok to splurge, but do it in a healthy way-split a treat with your kids, order a small scoop-remember, a treat doesn’t have to last the whole day.


  • On that note-try to eat like you normally do during the week (with an added small treat if you want one 🙂 ) Just because it’s the weekend, doesn’t mean it has to be a free-for-all in the food department. Even if you’re out and about, all restaurants, even fast food, have healthier options.


  • Schedule some down-time. Seriously, schedule it. We all need it, and definitely don’t get enough of it.


  • Do something active! Go to the park with the kids, have a scavenger hunt, nature walk, play frisbee, enlist them to help clean the house 😉 


  • Use the weekend to prepare for the week ahead-It’s so much easier to stay on track when you have a plan.


  • When you’re ordering out, be smart-load up on veggies first, then some lean protein and a fiber-filled carb.


  • Don’t have a completely lazy Sunday-do something productive!


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