9 Grocery Stores That Offer FREE or LOW-COST Meds



Diabetes is expensive. 

It’s something we all worry about—Will I be able to afford my medication? What happens if I lose my insurance? 

While picking up my normal prescriptions at my local Publix, I noticed they had a pamphlet detailing their free drug program. I got curious—how many other stores out there offer something similar, and how many of us aren’t taking advantage?! I’d gladly travel to a couple of pharmacies if it meant saving some cash!

SOOO—I’ve compiled a list of NINE grocery stores that offer FREE or LOW-COST meds! Most include common antibiotics, diabetes, and blood pressure medications. Just click on the link to check out their specifics!


Meijer: List https://www.meijer.com/content/content.jsp?pageName=free_prescriptions


Price Chopper: https://www2.pricechopper.com/pdfs/rxpricelist.pdf


Publix: http://corporate.publix.com/about-publix/newsroom/news-releases/publix-pharmacy-enhances-free-medication-programs


Reasor’s Foods: https://www.reasors.com/covereddrugs


ShopRite: http://www.shoprite.com/cnt/documents/BrandtoGenericList09.06.12.pdf


Winn Dixie: https://www.winndixie.com/pharmacy/generics-list


Harveys: https://www.harveyssupermarkets.com/pharmacy/generics-list


Bi-Lo: https://www.bi-lo.com/pharmacy/generics-list


Walmart: https://www.walmart.com/cp/$4-prescriptions/1078664


I truly hope this list helps you! If you’re struggling with the cost of your medications, reach out to your doctor and ask about alternatives for your higher-priced prescriptions! 





One thought on “9 Grocery Stores That Offer FREE or LOW-COST Meds

  • Because my husband on medicare/supplement we can’t get any breaks or savings card. 3mos worth of lantus solo star was $619 because of donut hole we absolutely cannot afford that. Was told of site to get his lotemax eye drops for $25 but again because of medicare/conventrey advantage can’t get any help there either its for his cornea transplants

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