Don’t Sit, Get Fit

Question: How do I stay active when I work at a desk all day?

Answer: This is something that SO MANY of us struggle with. We are stuck behind a monitor for 8 hours a day, which doesn’t allow for much activity. But, what if I told you that you could burn almost 500 extra calories/day just by incorporating more activity into your normal everyday routine?

Here are some suggestions from the Don’t Sit, Get Fit campaign by Dr. Kravitz that you can fit into your daily work day!

Calf-raises while standing
Sit on a physioball ball instead of a chair
Take a walk break before, during or after your lunch break
Take the stairs instead of the elevator
Walk or bike to work
Encourage co-workers to participate in local teams (volleyball, softball, etc.)
Put things out of reach so you’ll need to walk to get them
Encourage employees to enter races/runs/walks (employer pays the entry fees)
Do some seated or standing vertical push-ups at your desk
Jog in place occasionally next to your work station
If you lift objects during the day, do extra reps with them
Start a moving challenge in the office…track the amount of time you move or the amount of steps you take
Plan some meetings as a walk and talk meeting
After completing some work tasks, walk a lap around the office
Do bicep curls with your coffee mug or water jug
Walk with co-workers from the parking lot to your building a few times during the day
Use a pedometer or a mobile step counting application
Walk around the office before you leave work
Walk to co-worker’s office rather than email or calling them
If available, do some stair walking breaks during the day
Get up and move every 30 minutes on the job
Plan some walk breaks with colleagues as well as lunch breaks
Brisk walk down the hall to the bathroom, copier, etc.
Use the farthest bathroom in the building
Walk around the building whenever you want a stress relief break
Get up and move every time you drink more water
Do some leg extensions at your desk
Do lunges or speed-walk to or from lunch
Upon standing, balance on one leg and then the other leg before walking
Walk to the bathroom on a different floor than where you work or walk to the farthest bathroom from your work station

Take the long way to the water cooler
Commuters, get off a stop early and walk the rest of the way to work 

Which of these will you start incorporating into your daily routine?

You can see his full list for home, work, and lifestyle activity here:







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