What does eating healthy mean?

This question is not an easy one to answer…know why? Because if you ask 100 people, you’ll get 100 different answers. Here’s the thing…you have to find the plan that works for you, the plan that helps you manage your weight and blood sugar for the long term, not a quick solution to a life-long problem. So often, people want to sprint their way through weight loss, when really, they need to view this as a marathon.

I’ve done every program under the son…they all work, for the short term. They all make me a mental basket case, obsessed with calories, fat grams, points, macros, or whatever the case may be. I lose weight, feel like crap usually cause I’m starving, quit the program a few weeks in, and gain the weight back. Sound familiar?

When I found the 21 Day Fix, it was like a breath of fresh air. At first, I thought the name was silly and misleading…21 days? I’d be fixed? Highly unlikely…then my own coach explained the concept of habits being formed in 21 days and it began to make sense. This program is the first I’ve tried that forced me to change the way I eat. Shocking right? So…you know you’re supposed to eat a certain amount of calories to sustain your body…well great…so, the question is…does it really matter where the calories are coming from? I didn’t used to think so. I also used to have an A1C of almost 11. That’s when I was counting calories and not paying attention to much else.

Now, I eat much differently…based on my weight, I eat a certain number of portions from each food group. So, each day, I get a certain number of portions of fruits, veggies, proteins, carbs, healthy fats, seeds/dressing, and even an allotment for cooking oils and nut butters. My goal—eat all the portions! I’m always eating…the difference is I’m eating the right foods! This method of eating, the 21 Day Fix meal plan, is the program responsible for progressing my weight loss when I was at a standstill for a year, AND, lowered my A1C from 10.9 to 6.8 in 6 months. They say you are what you eat….Now I’m a believer!

Being a diabetic diva isn’t hard when you have the right tools at your disposal. Ask me how to get your hands on this program. It really is life-changing!


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