The ABCs of Diabetes Care

The American Association of Diabetes Educators shares an alphabet for Diabetes self-care!

How are YOU doing with your self-care?

A- A1C

B- Blood pressure

C- Cholesterol

D- Drink lots of water

E- Eye Care

F- Foot care and follow up

G- Go to Doctor

H- Help is not far away

I- Importance of mental health

K- Kidney function tests

L- Learn about diabetes

M- Monitor your glucose

Q- Quit smoking

S- Start exercising

T- Think before you eat

U- Use your resources

W- Wear sunscreen

Y- YOU are WORTH IT!!!


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2 thoughts on “The ABCs of Diabetes Care

  • Hi sugar mama strong,I am doing ok but I know I can do a lot better,my brothers and sisters just lost a brother about 6 months ago and my sugar was really messed up worrying about him he was in and out of hospital for two months B4 he passed and my A1C was 9.2 and sugar was up in the 200’s but I’ve got it pretty much in control except when I get hard headed last check my A1C was 6.8

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